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  • Jared Huizenga

TCFF Day 2: I Think We Need to Have a Serious Conversation About Todd's Beard

Red Carpet host Doug Sidney strikes a pose during Thursday's TCFF events.


It's an occupational hazard that myself and anyone else who spends multiple nights each week watching movies must face.

I've heard more about strangers' relationships than I'd ever hoped. I've listened to a man have a 10-minute phone conversation with his brother about how he can't call his dad to check on him following a tornado because he's at a movie and can't make a phone call. I even heard two twenty-somethings talk about how much they hate “that guy” that runs Rotten Tomatoes (I wish I was joking).

On Day 2 of the 2017 Twin Cities Film Fest I found myself an outside observer to, despite being geographically in the middle of, a conversation involving no less than five people.

The subject? Todd. More specifically? Todd's beard.

I don't know Todd, and as such, I'm not privy to his personal grooming habits. However, given the multitude of comments about Todd now having a beard, I get the impression this is a new development.

Let me just say this: Todd, your beard is majestic – don't change a thing.

Q: What brought me, Todd, Todd's beard detractors, and a room full of people together?

A: A surprisingly entertaining documentary called “Supergirl” – the story of a tween Orthodox Jewish girl from New Jersey named Naomi, who happens to be (literally) one of the strongest people on the planet in her weight class. The film details Naomi, her family, and some turmoil they must overcome; her training and competitions; how the family balances their religious beliefs and Naomi's training/competitions; and Naomi's struggles and desires to continue going forward despite increasing challenges.

Despite my love of documentaries, “Supergirl” is not one that would typically be on my radar. However, when it comes to TCFF, I try to take in whatever is thrown at me. And I'm glad I did.

I also took in the drama “The Sun at Midnight,” which features a teenage girl getting sent to a remote Canadian town to spend a couple of months with her estranged grandmother. When things go awry, she flees to the countryside where she befriends a local outdoorsman who teaches her about living off the land and looking at life a different way.

I wrapped up the night with the paranormal thriller “Indiana.” Slow burn. Slow, slow burn, and you never really get the full picture that you would like, but the “twist” at the end goes to show that sometimes the monsters we see are scarier than the ones we don't.

Also on the agenda – and something you have another chance to see on Oct. 25 – was the “1 Roach, 10,000 Laughs” comedy shorts block. The 9-film block features a lot of Minnesota connections (8 of 9, I believe), and a lot of very solid films. I'd say it's best not to expect a ton of LOL moments, as more were much more dark than gut-busting, but there wasn't one bad film in the bunch. Among the highlights were “Lady Lillian” and its lead actress – who I think used to play guitar with my freshman roommate – the funny and endearing “Girl Meets Roach” and the very timely “Illegal Aliens.”

Here's what's on tap for Day 3.

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